Natural resource enhancements are well suited for an integrated design and construction approach because their implementation is so dependent on the actual pre-existing conditions and the intricacies of the solution.  Following a traditional design-bid-build approach, the required level of pre-design survey and the plan detailing needed is not normally cost or time effective.  Frequently the project scope has to be reduced thus compromising the ability of the enhancements to function as intended and maintain themselves as natural systems should.

Limestone Construction's team includes not only experienced construction personnel, but accredited natural resource science professionals who are actively involved throughout the construction to assure intended results.  This approach has proven much more cost and time effective that traditional design-bid-build.

  • Stream bank stabilization
  • Wetland enhancement/mitigation
  • Nature trails
  • Invasive species removal
  • Sinkhole remediation
Limestone Construction, LLC